Goals Mission


GIVE N GO uses sport as a vehicle to bridge the gap of socioeconomic status by creating a team atmosphere, building self-confidence and instilling a sense of hope for abandoned kids. GIVE N GO donates used and new soccer gear while conducting clinics at orphanages abroad and foster homes in the States.
Goals Goals


Our golden goal is to create a team atmosphere for children without families. GIVE N GO uses soccer to empower kids by providing gear to needy children around the world. GIVE N GO's training and mentoring program offers young soccer players a chance to hone their skills, learn self-discipline, boost self-esteem and provide a platform to show off their talent and love of sport.
Goals Philosophy


We believe that soccer has the capacity to unite people and galvanize communities. The GIVE N GO Project was founded by soccer players who discovered that a game could bring together the children who never had a soccer mom/dad and lacked the resources we were lucky to have. The children remain the heart and the foundation of this project. Beyond the shared love of soccer, we find that we are fused together with the children whose lives we touch with strong values, integrity and passion.
Why Orphans?
Because childhood affects adulthood. The 143 million abandoned children in the world make up almost half of the population of the United States and the number is increasing.

Why Soccer?
Because soccer is the most played sport in the world. We breathe NEW life into OLD gear and connect with children through sport.
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